A tech flavoured eccentric with big possibilities for originality.
Born and raised in the capital of Sweden, Fredrik found a big love for massive beats in the early 90’s. Who thought a SL1210 would change your life as a techno loving teenager? Plastic Fantastic & Vinyl was dirty clothing for all his friends. For Fredrik it was a record case full of love.

Fredrik plays music with high energy, euphoric drops, techy wobbles and hard hitting melodies.
He often uses different genres to give the mix an extra dimension to make the crowd go bananazz.

Along with his passion for music he also started to promote parties of his own. For many years he kept pushing the limit for himself and the underground scene in Stockholm. Collaborations was made with several other promoters. One of them was legendary MondayBar.

Fredrik is a techfreak, with many talents, who lives for the music.